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Kuroshima Catholic Church

Located almost in the center north of Kuroshima, it is Sanroshiki basilica type church. Is a World Heritage candidate, has been designated as an important cultural property of the country.

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Kuroshima Cuisine

It is a set menu made with old-fashioned flavored with ingredients Kuroshima. It is the taste of home cooking of handmade island.

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Blistering Manju

Suites of the island, which has been served at the time of the celebration. Use the red bean sauce of Kuroshima, steamed laying leaves of Satsuma San hate.

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Island of journey

Area 5.3 square km, around about 12.5km. Why do not you walk the island that remains of virgin forest to live the descendants of the hidden Christians.

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Cherry tree and rape is now. Now the season that many of the flowers can be seen.

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Welcome to Kuroshima Island!
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About Kuroshima islandAbout kuroshima
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Island of faith and history are beautifully harmonized

Kuroshima is an island which lies off the coast of Sasebo and has a candidate for World Heritage, Kuroshima Catholic church. Enjoy your trip in your own way on the island where time goes by slowly.


A small island called Kuroshima:
Fishing boats at the port, gentle slopes, houses among trees, seasonal flowers and green fields will remind you of your hometown in your mind.
You will fall in love with Kuroshima.

Beautiful appearance of the church is in the center of the island, which was built by the islanders of Maruman Father and the faithful in the Meiji era.
It is a solemn, dreamy and attractive church where people get together on Sunday, on way back from fishing, work and school.
On Kuroshima, Catholicism and Buddhism coexist harmoniously.
You may say ‘I’m back’ unwillingly.

Many in the life surrounded by things, obsession forgotten journey to meet "This happy" as remember the smile.

This small tour will give you mental and spiritual sustenance.
Please spend Sunday of heart.
Enjoy a slow life to your heart’s content.