Kuroshima will be featured in the program of NIB Nagasakikokusaiterebi!

3 month 11 Date (gold) from the time of 19 in the program of NIB Nagasakikokusaiterebi Kuroshima will be taken up.

Program name "Saruku the TENSHUDO of the West Sea RoadIs ".
More information about the program is still unknown, but in touch with the local people while Tour of the Catholic Church around the country, such as Nagasaki, will explore the relationship and the lifestyle of the Catholic Church, such as I think that if the contents.

2 month 19 Noboru Kaneko you and talent of NIB staff to date, Utako Sato was Welcome in the shooting of the program to Kuroshima!

This program is like a local broadcast of Nagasaki unfortunately, everyone all means, please see!