Kuroshima Catholic Church Friendship held a concert!

1 Name Kuroshima Catholic Church Friendship Concert

During 2 days 2016 July 24 (Sunday), 8:30 to 9:30

3 location Kuroshima Catholic Church

4 content, such as
Daily, along with enjoy touching the live music thing in less Kuroshima townspeople to touch the music, it is a concert for the purpose of exchange and local activation of the performer.
Performer, Mr. Shino Hiraki of flute, Mr. Ayumu YAMAURA of Sachs.
Repertoire has become the likely contents of familiarity, such as "Ave Maria" and "When You Wish Upon a Star." In addition, it has been songwriting by AzumaTakashi history Mr. for Kuroshima
Original songs, it is scheduled to be played "Kuroshima Hymn," "sasanqua" also.
Sasanqua is scheduled also chorus with everyone who local elementary and junior high school students and travelers.
On the day, store openings scheduled from Happy Cafe 9:30 by local volunteer group "Happy Corps" (sales plans and chiffon cakes and juice).
5 participation fee, etc.

6 organized by the NPO Kuro Island tourism organizations
※ inquiries should be addressed to the following.

Contact Us:
NPO corporation Kuroshima Tourism Association
Telephone number 0956-56-2311 weekday 9: 00 ~ 17: 00
HP http://kuroshimakanko.com/

7 Other
Start time is from the 8:30 the day of the morning, not too late in the flight of Aiura 10 o'clock. There is no excuse.
If you wish to participate in the way of Shimagai you will need Maedomari.
Since the Kuroshima is there is a limited inn, we recommend that you book as soon as possible.

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