Implementation guidance of the Kuroshima tour vans cruising

In the time limit for this year's Obon, will be conducted the Kuroshima round cruising in vans.
8 month 13 date also performs Sunset cruising.
You can enjoy the slow red dyed sky at sunset from the ship.

Because usually we are cruising only in private,
By all means you will find a cruise in this opportunity, please enjoy the great views of the Kuroshima from shipboard!
It is also welcome application from one person!

Implementation period Heisei 28 years 8 month 13 day (Saturday), 14 (day)
8 month 13 Date: 1. 10 when sailing, 11 when the ports of call 2. 19 when sailing, 20 during port calls
8 month 14 Date: 1. 10 when sailing, 11 during port calls
Until capacity 5 name more than 12 name
More participation conditions elementary school
Participation fee adult 2400 yen, elementary school students 1800 yen (elementary school students of boarding the guardian assumes)
Or sign up for from the home page of the application procedure, NPO Kuroshima tourism Association, please apply to your phone directly to the Kuroshima welcome House (0956-56-2311).
If you do not reach the capacity at the opening day 2 days time, and then canceled. In the case of the day of bad weather (heavy weather, tidal waves, etc.), there is also the case of a stop in the captain's discretion.
Please note.
Something please contact us if you have any unknown point etc. Kuroshima welcome House.
Others bring drinks are available.
That there is no toilet on board, toilet Please complete your before boarding.