Kuroshima will be introduced in the TV show "I want to go to far away"!

The other day, the broadcast date of the recording have been the day tele-based television program "I want to go to far" in Kuroshima has been decided!

Kanto, Kansai, and Fukuoka will be broadcast on the morning of the weekend of 9 month 25 date (day).
Nagasaki has a different broadcast date, is scheduled from 11 month 6 (day) 17 time.

Traveler is Mr. Ippei Kanie (late Keizo Kanie's son).
Friendly and bright, it was more easy to contact.

Broadcast content is content not only Kuroshima, has also been introduced what has been traveling the Ikeshima and Hirado.
It is a very fun or the beginning Nagasaki around the charm is how are broadcast Kuroshima.
Although different broadcast date by region, by all means, please see!