It was broadcast

TV program "I want to go to far away" Ippei Kanie "fascination of the islands and the lord Suites" Nagasaki Ikeshima - Kuroshima has been broadcast to 2016 years 9 month 25 date.
In Nagasaki, was a broadcast of 11 month 6 date.

Kuroshima was introduced as an island with a church that aims to world heritage.
Annual grass teosinte of cultivation and interviews with men of the farmers of the grass family, which is said to be the ancestor species of corn, was reflected also Taylor!
Taylor is a cultivator made to tow the platform.

In addition to the rural landscape of the island, aiming for world heritage registration Kuroshima Catholic Church has been aired.
To 1902 year in the Catholic Church that the faithful was a secret Christian was built of Kuroshima, those numbers are laden baked the congregation the red clay of all bricks of the outer wall that extends to 45 ten thousand island, other believers is every one bats ceiling and that was handwritten the wood grain, Arita baked tiles of the altar of the floor, which was financed by the congregation of the donation, the part corresponding to the back side of the altar construction of semi-circular is unusual style also in nationwide There is also a description that only Kuroshima Catholic Church or did.
In the appearance of compromise between East and West carrying the black tiled roof in brick, hidden Christian history who defended the promotion has been evaluated anew high now, and the narration was flowing.

Subsequently, state of blistering bun making Kuroshima also been broadcast.

※ The photograph is not a video of the TV program in what was all shooting for the home page.