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Nagasaki land revitalization Marche 1-th day

Blessed with fine weather of the wind is a thing, land revitalization Marche held! We gathered the specialty products and specialties from the prefecture! Blistering Manju is sold out around the time of 14! I had been generous to prepare, was surprised at the popularity of more than imagination (* ^ _ ^ *) ♪ salted [...]

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Of New Items

Hello! Kuroshima tourist association! Weather It is good, now warm. Wild cherry tree is also in bloom. It is the introduction of the product of the new stock. "Raw sea lettuce" (in frozen storage) es planning than "Burger Boy cookies" from the fishing village, "Nagasaki Shokoran [...]

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Sea lettuce of Kuroshima

In warmth that Haruna, have begun to bloom early cherry blossoms in Kuroshima (^ - ^) The weather is good, the island of the mothers had been a wash of sea lettuce by hand (^ ω ^) Toretate of put the lettuce in a colander, another seaweed and small shrimp chopsticks that are mixed while washing [...]

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