Sell ​​Kuroshima specialty in Nagasaki land Oko Marche

Will be held on March 10, 11 days, "Nagasaki land Oko Marche"

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We will be the introduction of "islands outside Fude! Vision of blistering bun!" From the Kuroshima!

History blistering of the bun of Kuroshima are also said to date back to the era of secret Christian, is a traditional home cooking that is in such celebration of the seat of Kuroshima from the old days are always issued.

Because different is subtly acceleration in each of the home, that taught from immediately Oshuto's in the bride married Toka'm how to make from generation to generation transmitted blistering bun in the house.

The recipe is from fermented wheat flour to the dough, Satsuma San hate put plump and steamed in leaves of the tradition of the method put the red bean sauce.

Somewhere nostalgic rustic flavor of the bun also not been also sell production on the island outside even now, you a very "vision of the buns" that it will not be eaten absolutely to come to Kuroshima.

Blistering Manju of this time the Kuroshima is now to be the first time landing in the fact that the land Oko Marche limited sale!
Direct what mothers of the island on the day were handmade from the island!
Again steamed We offer piping hot of state!

By that this time we would like you enjoy all means taste of Kuroshima to everyone who attended,
Special large service, will be sold at a whopping "200 yen (tax included)" in one pack 2 pieces! !

It is a rare opportunity to experience the Kuroshima bulb bunjun out of the island, so please buy it by all means!

Also come here also souvenir since also sold salted seaweed Kuroshima the day production! !