Golden Week

Hello everyone! Kuroshima tourist association!
Today is inform everyone * \ (^ o ^) / *

Upcoming GW, a lot of contact us, we have our reservations.
Everyone, thank you very much (* ^ ^ *)

If you want to leisurely walking the island, who wants Tour of ran in the motor-assisted bicycle, also, those who want to cruise around the island by boat, the other to a lot of, we have prepared in the tourism association ^ ^

For many years, walking the island together while asked to the tourist guide for those who live on the island, it is also possible to go around in the car * \ (^ o ^) / *
If you want to fish, those who want to spend leisurely, please come try to Kuroshima ^ ^

Last but to, but thank you truly soon booking.
For inquiries often, so you might be unable to respond to your request, I humbly thank you ^ - ^