7 month 29 day Kuroshima Genki Kayak

Oh summer vacation ~ ♪ It is the Kuroshima Tourist Association.
"Morning sun" has also ended but it is summer full from now!
Even when you come to Kuroshima, do not forget to take heat stroke, sunburn measures.

This year I will do "Kuroshima Genki Kayak" on 7 moon 29 day (Saturday).

Location: Beautiful beach
Eligibility: Participants who are more than high school students who love nature in Kuroshima and are approved for this project.
Participation fee: 1 person 1,000 yen
What to prepare: clothing that you can swimwear or get wet, a hat. towel. Water bottle. Candy for measures against heat stroke etc.
Application deadline: 2017 year 7 month 21 day (Friday)

Lunch: Please bring along. Also at the time of application, we accept orders for lunch by one person 500 yen.
· For participation in insurance, we will ask the date of birth of participants.

In addition, it is a guide of the public toilet at Kurushima.
Public toilets in Kuroshima Island,
① Ferry Terminal & Welcome House
② Public toilet under the head temple
③ It is only a simplified toilet (Summer Limited) on the beach of Female.

Those who use lodging and meals are also located in each store, but we recommend that you finish the restroom when the public toilets are nearby, such as when you arrive at the harbor, the church.