Choral song Cruz Island

Do you know the choir "Cruz Island"?
It is a song famous as a song with a high degree of difficulty, often sung in a contest as a choir song of middle school.

And Kuroshima is the stage for this song.
Kuroshima has appeared as an island that remains a sad legend, while the hidden Christian continues to believe while being persecuted.

Recently, many people who sang this song and won the championship in the school from now on, many people are coming to Kuroshima on the stage of "Cruz Island" stage.
It is different from the age of song lyrics, now it is a peaceful and calm living Kurosima.

"Cruz Island" - Lyrics

Pick the Genkai-Nada waves
A small isolated island (shrub) Kuroshima
A person is called a village of hidden cricketans (Kirishitan)
Long ago I was hit by the judgment of a tramp
Cruz Island where the lambs of Jesus settled
Island of Martyrdom of Kuroshima that still breathes today's sad legend

Will happiness be in Ikko or not Poverty is life
The god who must protect is far.
To the Kannon Bodhisattva with a cross on his back
Lambs keep on praying
Secretly in the morning
Lambs breaking a small cross
Everyone has a hidden trumpet
I hid and prayed
But, the dark shadow of a stomping creeping creeping behind

Sad story stroke painting history with blood
Beat the whips of the chapped iron chains
Judgment in the court's garden
Passionately lambs also today
Kiss the kid on that step
We accept the official constitutional sword (yaiba) with the body
Continue calling Mary under the blizzard
She said she died.

If you persevere quietly and continue praying
Also in the row of voices of prayers of sad lambs
Light falls
The light shone brilliantly on the island of Cruz
Angelus' bell freshly this morning
Echoing in the blue sky
Echoes in the golden Shrine Cruz