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The Apollo location map on the slope appeared!

A map of the location of Nagasaki and Sasebo of the movie "Sakamichi no Apollon" was posted on the tour guide information site "Sea breeze" of the Sasebo and Otaka. (The image is a screenshot of the sea breeze country site.) Click here for the content of the location location introduction (another site opens [...]

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Guide to Island island

An island meat made from Kuroshima and made mainly of ingredients. If it is a cold season, there are also things that petrel shrimp (12 moon ~ 2 moon) will enter. Traditional dishes such as island tofu and sweet manju are attached, it is also a substitute for the purchase of the day. Also please relish the seafood in winter. [...]

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Bukkake Manju making

If you are a cold and walking sightseeing spot, why not sign up for "Kuroshima Experience Guide"? http://kuroshimakanko.com/tour-2/sweets/ Is it cold on a boat trip? It's okay! Inside the ferry is warm [...]

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