Access to Kuroshima by Matsuura Railway - Aiura Station renewal

If you are going to MR (Matsuura Railroad) to ferry depot to Kuroshima, Aikaura pier, get off at "MR Aiura Station".
The Aoiro station, but the renovation work that was done by the MR Matsuura Railway was completed. On the wall of the tunnel passage there was decorated the Kuroshima Church and the art panel of Atago.

Repairing the concept of two entrances to the concept of "Atagoyama", nicknamed "Kuroshima Castle" and one of the latent Christians related legacy becoming a candidate for World Heritage, the image is also newly added 2 Month 24 day (Saturday) 10: An exhibition ceremony will be held from 30.

Those who think about sightseeing to Kuroshima, please consider using MR which is easy to access from Sasebo station.