The Apollo location map on the slope appeared!

A map of the location of Nagasaki and Sasebo of the movie "Sakamichi no Apollon" was posted on the tour guide information site "Sea breeze" of the Sasebo and Otaka.
(The image is a screenshot of the sea breeze country site)

Click here for contents of location location introduction(Another site opens)

The location map can also be seen on the net, and it can be downloaded as a PDF.
It covers the location place which was done in the prefecture.

Kurosima Catholic Church has become an important scene even on Apollon of slope.

A bit of notice of the key point of the trip to Kuroshima

  1. Public transportation such as bus, MR Matsuura railroad, taxi etc is recommended until Aiura port of ferry platform!
    There is no free parking lot, and there are limited number of toll parking lot.
  2. Accommodation in Kuroshima, food is not cafe, reservation system. In this site "stay""EatPlease contact directly to the destination with ".
  3. There is no public transportation or taxi company etc in Kuroshima island. It is in Kuroshima HarborWelcome HouseWe rent "Electric cycle" at. You can make a reservation, please use by all means.
  4. Prior contact is required when visiting the Kuroshima Catholic Church. The church is a place of prayer, about manners and reservations for visits "Church group in Nagasaki Information center sitePlease look at the details in detail.
  5. The thing concerning Kuroshima sightseeing is "Inquiry formOr call us (0956-23-5611)What.
    The correspondence time of the telephone is 10: 00 ~ 16: 00.

50 minutes by ferry. Please go to Kuroshima where the slope of Apollon roke group visited, and come and enjoy both original fans and movie fans.