Dialectic guidance on the slope is "ONE PIECE"

Around the city there is a location map of the movie 'Sakamichi no Apollon'!
When sightseeing, please come to the 1 department hand.
In the map, it is the key of the story, the crown up Kuroshima Catholic Church, the road to that church is also appearing.

Sometimes Sasebo is the stage and the movie is an actor who instructed Sasebo.
Also familiar with Jinbei role of popular animation "ONE PIECE", Mr. Horiki Katsusui from Sasebo. Anime of the slope of the Apollo and movies are also responsible for teaching dialects.
The stage is 1968 year. At that time, Mr. Takaragawa was also a high school student.
Would not it be the screen Sasebo valley around that time that scenery with nostalgia will appear on the screen?

3 Month 10 day · National road show.
After seeing the Kuroshima Catholic Church in the movie, please come to Kuroshima by tour around the location!
We look forward to.

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