Kuroshima is the special number of the movie "Sakamichi no Apollon" ...?

The movie "Apollon of Sakamichi" special number was broadcast on TV Nagasaki on 3 month 3 day (Saturday) 15: 25 ~.
Welcome house staff is also recording, but will Kuroshima's scene appear? With excitement I watched it ~
Then! ! From now on, we have a TV station that is scheduled to broadcast a special number yet, so I will keep it a while.
Of course the theme and the stage of the movie, the director and the thought of the actor are transmitted, but as Kuroshima where the location was, will Kuroshima appear on the screen? I think (# ^. ^ #)
The future special schedule is the movie 'Sakamichi no Apollon' starring Yuzu Chinen 's special number information site