Speaking of shooting in Kuroshima ...

In the other day 's posting, I remembered that ... I thought of the location of "The family I'm up".
"Taruru Family" is NHK continuous TV novel of 2003 year.
It was produced by NHK Osaka Broadcasting Station.
There are times to go to Kuroshima for those looking for people in that drama and there is a scene where finders can be found in Kurosima Catholic Church.
Appearing in this drama, I visited the scene of Kuroshima with Mr. Goshiro Kishitani, Satomi Ishihara, Mr. Ryo Nishikido, Mr. Kasei Hôki (Mr. Hosoki Hosa), an actor of Sasebo dialectic of Sakamichi's apron It was.

Those who wish to visit the church ask for advance notice at the Church group information center site of Nagasaki because it is difficult to visit church events and many people at once.