Kuroshima is the stage of reunion

Sakayo's Apollon is set in Sasebo.
And Kuroshima is the stage for reunion.

Even in the welcome house, the movie "Apollon Panel Exhibition on the Slope" is being held.

After the tour of Kurosima Catholic Church, how about island meal and meal?
Please inquire at this site, please make a reservation to each shop. (Click here for the restaurant list
※ Church visit alsoAdvance contact hereIs required.

Also, I uploaded "Frequently asked questions" frequently asked questions on the top page.
When you know access, ferry thing, Kuroshima Catholic Church and other things, the point where the trip becomes smooth is written.
Please use all means.

If you have any questions about sightseeing, please do not hesitate to ask the welcome house.

Island isome (example)