How about a hands-on guide together?

The other day is windstorm, today is rain.
Also at the Kuroshima Welcome House exhibition "Panorama of the slope" Panel Exhibition (^ _ ^) / ~

Introduction of experience guide that you can enjoy even on rainy days.
Together with the observation of the Kuroshima Catholic Church, how about "making swim Manju" and "making Kuroshima Tofu"?
You can eat freshly made items until the souvenir!
Experience application and details【Experience guide page】so.
Advance contact / reservation is required for church visits and application for experiences.
【First time in Kuroshima】Access, observation, meals and so on are summarized.
Please look.

Take a trip to Kuroshima, use public transportation and taxis to Ai Po pier and electric assisted bicycle to rent out at Kuroshima inside Kuroshima island.