Public release tomorrow

The movie "Apollon of the Slope" will be released tomorrow! !
Welcome house staff is also looking forward ~. Yes, I am really looking forward to the movie, but I am looking forward to seeing more interest in Kuroshima!

The road leading to the Kuroshima Catholic Church and the Celestial Hall is posted on the map of "Sakamichi no Apollon" location.
From bus for Ai Pier to ferry Kuroshi to Kuroshima.
Take a church tour and an island meal for lunch in the rental cycle.
Although visits to the islands and islands must be informed in advance to each place, it was not crowded from the reservation, and I could not enter them at the church event! I can enjoy locating place without it.

First of all, please see the first Kuroshima in the official website "Traveling to Kuroshima" and call Kuroshima Tourist Association for anything you do not know.
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