Kuroshima elementary and junior high school graduation ceremony

Today, 14 day is the graduation ceremony of Kuroshima elementary and junior high school. It is a school where everyone is a friend who learns and grows up.
♪ "Kuro Island primary school school song"
1 If you open in the green island to the eaves of the ebb tide
I hopefully wish for a honorable schoolhouse on a nice side
Collecting Kuroshima Elementary School

2 Brighter, stronger and stronger, gradually growing Mind and body and this body
Mubmering a shoulder in a school that is shining with light
Kuru Kuroshima Elementary School

3 History is an old-fashioned scented ancestor
We will build a local town tomorrow tomorrow
Chuku Kuroshima Elementary School
I personally think that the lyrics of 3 number seem to be very Kuroshima.
It is linked with the image of the island where the first immigrants from Hirado and descendants of latent Christianity live.