Flower of Hamayu

Although it is irregular, I will also introduce flowers and plants of Kuroshima.

Continued from the topic of graduation ceremony Kuroshima mini knowledge!
The flower of Hamayu is used as a motif in the school passage of Kuroshima Junior High School.
Hamayu is also a typical flower growing up in Kuroshima.
In designing in the school chapter, "wishing to gather fifty-six rings" It has a pure heart, like a flower of Hamayu, a wish is put in a wish that keeps strongly foretold the connection of the heart forever, having a pure heart, everyone together That's right.
7 ~ 9 Moon White flowers will bloom.
Southernka of Negiya and big trees of ako are put on sightseeing map as sightseeing route, but the mind also gets a stroll while watching the plants.