Nature observation society and beach cleanup at Kushikonama

On Sunday (18th) this week, we carried out nature observation sessions and coastal cleanup at Kushii no hama. This time, we asked cooperation of the citizen volunteer group "Kujukushima Association" who has been doing coastal cleaning and nature observation for many years in Sasebo, and we asked cooperation with the islanders of Kuroshima on the beach cleanup and nature observation teacher It was.

I was also blessed with the weather, I learned about the island's plants and creatures in the sweaty cheerfully, I picked up garbage and also the participants' efforts, and the scheduled one hour was over in about 30 minutes. The garbage that had been flowing a lot with recent winds has also become beautiful.

It is the largest dyke in Nagasaki prefecture made by crustal deformation.
About 800 The lava rocks in the basement entered the rifts of the rock and cold and solidified, the soft bedrock was removed by the wave of the coast, and the hard lava rock protruded. It has a total length of 300m or more, and is the rare geological structure boasting the largest scale in Nagasaki prefecture. You can see it when the tide is pulled, you can witness the traces of the crustal deformation at that time.
It is also a tourist spot on guided tours.

Please also take a look at Akitonohama when you come.