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Announcement of seismic protection / conservation repair work of Kurosima Catholic Church

Kurosima Catholic Church Following the implementation decision of conservation repair work, we will restrict access to the church site during the period to ensure the safety of those who wish to visit, and the building tour will be from the external observation stand Please acknowledge it. 1. Contents of construction Contents of brick walls and small tower / escape entrance [...]

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Sightseeing shuttle bus schedule addition

4 moon 28 day (Saturday) will also operate a sightseeing shuttle bus! ● Operation section <Kuroshima Fishing Port ⇔ Kurosima Catholic Church> First flight departure 11: 00 → arrival 11: 10 arrival 11: 25 ← departing 11: 15 second flight 11: 30 → arrival 11: 40 arrival 13: 56 ← depart 13 : 46 3rd flight [...]

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Various applications relating to photographing / coverage and photograph postings etc. of the church

With the official recommendation to UNESCO for "World Heritage Cultural Heritage Registration", "Latest Christian Related Heritage of Nagasaki and the Amakusa District", requests for photographing and coverage on constituent assets etc. have increased rapidly. For church hall photography · coverage and posting · use of photos · movies etc. Permission [...]

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