Announcement of seismic protection / conservation repair work of Kurosima Catholic Church

Kurosima Catholic Church Following the implementation decision of conservation repair work, in order to secure the safety of those who wish to see the tour, entering the church site during the period is restricted and the tour of the building will be from the outside observation stand Please acknowledge it.

1. Construction contents
Mainly on structural reinforcement (earthquake resistance) and breakage of brick walls and small towers / escape entrances, side ascent lift, repair of roof rain, window glass repair, plaster wall, paint repair

2. Construction period
November 1, 2018 (Thursday) to the end of October 2020 (planned)

3. Other
During the construction period a part of the observation platform will be established and planned for special release

【Inquiries on the scope of the observation platform and the special release timing】
Sasebo City Board of Education Cultural Property Section
TEL 0956-25-9634 (Direct) FAX 0956-25-9682