Kuroshima New Map Completed

The island map of Kuroshima which is aiming for world heritage registration is completed.

Kuroshima is the symbol of the island, 4.5 kilometers in the east and west, 2 kilometers in the north and south, and 12.5 kilometers in the periphery of the island, located near the center of the island and also an important cultural asset of the country.

There are no public transport buses or taxis inside the island, but you can turn around the Kuroshima view spot by electric assisted bicycle (charged) and on foot.

Why do not you take a leisurely walk around Kuroshima with a new map in hand?

In addition, those who wish to visit the Kuroshima Catholic Church will be asked to cooperate with "Advance Contact". For details of advance notice, please see the following column.

※ The image click opens the PDF in a separate window.

Kuroshima Welcome HouseElectric assisted bicycle (charged) is prepared and there is a resting place.

I am also accepting experiences such as making Kuroshima Tofu and cruising in Kuroshima (Reservation required).

In addition, we can also buy souvenirs unique to Kuroshima.