Kurosima Catholic church in a potato package? !

Kurosima Catholic Church is that potato chip!
Calbee, a major snack food company, announced on local 10 day that it was decided to be "Sasebo lemon steak flavor" in local potato chips to be planned nationwide.

Part of the company's "♥ JPN (Love Japan)" project that develops potato chips that make use of local unique taste of 47 prefectures.
It will be sold in Kyushu · Okinawa etc. from 29th.
Last year we sold nationwide potatoes, Nagasaki's "Chidashi taste" is a local potato series that sold about 310,000 bags.

With a refreshing lemon and juicy meat flavor, it seems that she imaged a stained glass on the surface of the package. On the back is a photograph of one of the constituent assets "Kuroshima settlement" photograph has been printed to commemorate the registration of World Cultural Heritage "Nagasaki and Amakusa region latent Christianity heritage". One bag 115 yen (excluding tax / open price). It is said that it will be sold for about 1 month from 29 day (Monday).