Hospitality "Hibaku Yakimono area will be excited together" project

We are waiting for you to prepare pickles in Kuroshima as a hospitality on small plate of Miwagichi of Sasebo.

'Project to enrich the Hizen potato area together "One of the initiatives in.

Please come and visit Kuroshima Welcome House by all means of sightseeing.

The characteristic of Miwagichi (Mikawauchi) grilling is a technique of applying beautiful and delicate painting with indigo dye called Wu Su (ginseng) for white porcelain. The representative thing was "Tang child painting", the use was various according to the number of people of Karako, it was produced as gifts of the lords, as a deliverable item. Moreover, "Watermark carving" boasts advanced technology and high artistic quality among Mikawauchi grill. It is said that this work takes six months to complete 1 one work. Even now, there are many kilns in Mikawauchiyama mountain area, and we keep protecting traditional craft items.