Operation of shuttle bus with earthquake-resistant construction postponement

Due to the postponement of earthquake-resistant construction, a shuttle bus is operating on weekends and holidays from 2019 month 1 day to 12 month 2 day.
You can use it for those seeing sightseeing, also for islanders. For details please contact the Kuroshima Tourist Association.

When earthquake-resistant work starts, it is about 2 a year and a half after the inside of the temple house is seen.

1. Construction contents
Mainly on structural reinforcement (earthquake-proofing) of brick walls and small towers / escape entrances and repair of broken parts, side entrance lift lifting, roof rain leakage repair, window glass repair, plaster wall, paint repair

2. Inaccessible period
2019 year 2 month 4 day (month) to 2021 year end 3 (planned)

3. Inquiries about construction
Sasebo City Board of Education Cultural Property Division Phone 0956-25-9634 (direct)