Recruitment of Kuroshima Walk Participants

As we plan event as follows, we will tell about the contents.

«Source of information: Tsuruno Kuroshima Walk Executive Committee»

  1. Name: Tsuruno Kuroshima Walk
  2. Date: May 3rd (Friday / Holiday) 10: 00-14: 30 (Reception 9: 20-)

※ Rain weather, but canceled if the weather is bad

  • Place: Kuroshima Island
  • Fixed number: 30 name
  • Participation fee: Adult (XNUM X) or younger Primary school children or younger (X NUM X) X NUM X years or younger (free)

※ Participation fee includes lunch, snacks and insurance, not including ferry fare

  • Application period: April 1-April 19
  • Your Comments

The islanders of Kuroshima will be a guide, and all participants will enjoy leisurely walking along the course (about 6 km) that you will not walk with the islanders. Along the way, there are also spots where you can enjoy the taste of the island, such as plum steamer buns. It is an event that you can enjoy Kuroshima with taste, sight, hearing, touch, and whole body.

Local and regional revitalization cooperation teams form a tag and hold for the first time.

  • Hosted by: Tsuruno Kuroshima Walk Executive Committee
  • Supported by: Sasebo City Sasebo Tourism Convention Association Kuroshima Tourism Association

Kuro Island Tourism Association

phone: 0956-56-2311

* The response time for inquiries is 10: 00 to 16: 00.

E: mail

Specifically, please see the following PDF.