7 Local History Experience Course World Heritage Site “Kuroshima and Christian”

Lectures will be held on the village of Kuroshima, which is registered as a World Heritage site in 30 in Heisei 7 in the “Hidden Christian Related Heritage of Nagasaki and Amakusa region”.

Schedule: 12 month 14 day (Sat) 13: 30 to 15: 30
Venue: General Education Center
Application: Call us after specifying your address, name, date of birth, mobile phone number, and name of the course you are attending.
0956-24-1111) or fax (0956-25-9682), email (bunzai@city.sasebo.lg.jp), Postcard (postal 857-8585 address not required) to the Cultural Property Division.
Recruitment: Up to 40 names
Deadline: Until 12 month 2 day (Monday)
Inquiries: Cultural Property Division TEL: 0956-24-1111