An observation stand was installed at the Kuroshima Catholic Church under construction

Scaffolding for exterior visits will be set up at Kuroshima Catholic Church, a national important cultural property that has been undergoing earthquake resistance and restoration work since 2 month this year.
Please take a look at this opportunity as you will be able to observe part of the exterior and the construction during the construction period.

It is also introduced in the “Hidden Christian Heritage in Nagasaki and Amakusa” Information Center.

The construction period is scheduled until the end of 3 years.

1 release

From November 15 (Friday)

* 12 / 25, 2021 to 3 tours available during the construction period excluding the year-end and New Year holidays (planned until 9 in 16)

2 tour guide

① Visit to “Church Library” on the left side of the cathedral (10 name units)

② Wear a helmet and guide to the front observation platform

③ Visit from the clear panels (3 places) installed on the observation platform

* It is difficult to enter a wheelchair alone.

* There may be cases where the tour cannot be observed due to weather conditions such as strong winds or rain.

3 Visit application

From our center website

TEL 095-823-7650