Access to Kuroshima


Sea Trip to Kuroshima
When traveling to Kuroshima, you will use a ship (Kuroshima Passenger Ship) from Aiura Pier in Sasebo-shi.
Access to Ai Pier is as follows. The ferry is required to board the ship at the Kuroshima Passenger Ship Ticket Office at Municipal Ao Pier Pier Waiting Station.

  • Bus: Take Sasebo Municipal Bus or Saihi Bus bound for Ainoura Pier. About 35 min. from Sasebo train station.
  • Matsuura Railway: Get off at Aega Station from Sasebo Station (about 30 minutes), arrive at Aiko Pier about 6 minutes on foot from Aikaura Station.
  • Taxi: It is about 22 minutes from the Sasebo station to the Municipal Aipu pier waiting station on the ordinary road.
  • Kuroshima island: There are no public transportation facilities such as buses or private transportation companies such as taxis on the island.
    On the island you can reserve a rental cycle at Kuroshima Welcome House or ask the travel destination for your accommodation.
  • Ocean taxi: There is a guide on the aisle taxi to Kuroshima (reservation system) at Aikaura pier.


Transportation to Kuroshima

◆ bus

Municipal bus
Sasebo Municipal Transportation Bureau
Seibu bus
Seishi Bus website
Highway Express Bus Reservations
+81 3-3946-1717


◆ Railway

JR Sasebo Station
Sasebo station timetable
MR Matsuura Railway
MR Matsuura Railway website


◆ Airplane

Nagasaki Airport
Nagasaki Airport website
Fukuoka Airport
Fukuoka Airport website


◆ Taxi

Sasebo Taxi Association
Sasebo City Taxi Association website
▼ Nagasaki Airport Jumbo Taxi
Mobile phone

◆ Ferry (bound for Takashima island & Kuroshima island)


About Kuroshima Ferry

Company Information Boat Information
Kuroshima Ferry Co., Ltd.  

Kuroshima OfficeTEL:0956-56-2516
Aiura OfficeTEL:0956-47-4154
Vehicle of ReservationTEL:0956-56-2516(Kuroshima to office)
Out of Service: 1 month 1 Date

Ferry Kuroshima TimetableTimetable of ferry Kuroshima here Ferry Kuroshima FaresFare table of the ferry Kuroshima here

Route: Kuroshima – Takashima – Ainoura
Travel Time: About 50 min. (Ainoura to Kuroshima)
Service Frequency: Three Times a Day (Regular & Special Schedules)
Passenger Capacity: 130 (up to 200)
Vehicle Capacity: 10 Standard Cars & 2 Light Cars
Barrier-free: You can board the smooth even in a wheelchair.
Maiden Service: Oct 1, 2015 (182 tons)

In the following cases, please call the Kuroshima office.

  1. Regarding vehicles, reservations are needed. We accept reservations from one month before just on the same date.
  2. In case of a big group, some may not be able to board depending on the number. (regardless of vehicles)
  3. Services may be cancelled due to heavy weather.

Ferry Kuroshima TimetableTimetable of ferry Kuroshima here Ferry Kuroshima FaresFare table of the ferry Kuroshima here