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Ferry fare


Passenger fare

One Way

courseClassificationOne way (circle)
Kuroshima ~ AiuraAdult730
Takashima - Aiura
Kuroshima ~ Takashima

Islander discount (one way)

courseClassificationOne way (circle)
Kuroshima ~ AiuraAdult700
Takashima - Aiura
Kuroshima ~ Takashima

Disability discount (one way)

courseClassificationOne way (circle)
Kuroshima ~ AiuraAdult370
Takashima - Aiura
Kuroshima ~ Takashima

round trip

courseClassificationRound trip (circle)
Kuroshima ~ AiuraAdult1,390
Takashima - Aiura
Kuroshima ~ Takashima

Coupon ticket (11 spelling)

Kuroshima ~ Aiura7,300
Takashima - Aiura
Kuroshima ~ Takashima
Round trip is valid 2 days, including the day of
A coupon ticket is valid for 2 months including the day of issue.
For the islander discount, an official certificate of residence in Kuroshima / Takashima is required. (License, insurance card, etc.)
・ Personal disability diary, nursing diary, health welfare diary-any 1 presentation and application form are required.
Discounts vary depending on the grade (accompanying person etc.).

Group discount

・ Each course (general group discount / student group discount)
* A group application form is required for 15 or more people.
* Please contact us in advance.


Motorized Bicycle630

* One-way fare
* Passenger fares are required.

(Revision of the original year 10 month 1 day)

About Capacity
Capacity Normal passengers, will be the following 130 name.

Group Usage
In case of a big group, some may not be able to board depending on the number.

Vehicle Fare

Vehicle MKuroshima ~ Aiura
One Wayround trip
Under 3m2,1104,010
3 ~ less than 4m3,0605,820
4 ~ less than 5m3,7407,110
5 ~ less than 6m5,1009,690
6 ~ less than 7m6,23011,840
7 ~ less than 8m7,36013,990
8 ~ less than 9m8,73016,590
9 ~ less than 10m9,86018,740
10 ~ less than 11m10,98020,870
11 ~ less than 12m12,22023,220
More 12m 1m every increase1,2002,280
Vehicle MKuroshima ~ Takashima Takashima - Aiura
One Wayround trip
Under 3m1,9803,770
3 ~ less than 4m2,8805,480
4 ~ less than 5m3,5206,690
5 ~ less than 6m4,8109,140
6 ~ less than 7m5,88011,180
7 ~ less than 8m6,95013,210
8 ~ less than 9m8,22015,620
9 ~ less than 10m9,29017,660
10 ~ less than 11m10,35019,670
11 ~ less than 12m11,53021,910
More 12m 1m every increase1,1202,130

(As of Oct 1, 2015)

For round-trip Round trip is valid 2 days, including the day.

About reservation Vehicle loading Reservations are required. Kuroshima will be accepted than 1 months before boarding at the office.

For driver It includes driver 1 name in the fare.

Hazardous Material Hazardous materials are loaded on the second ferry from Ainoura and the third ferry from Kuroshima on the second and the fourth Monday.

Baggage Fare

Checked Baggage 210
Baggage10kg or less150
20kg or less200
30kg or less310

(As of Oct 1, 2015)

About disabled discount

Persons who have a notebook of physical and mental handicapped and mentally handicapped persons, those who have submitted a passenger freight discount certificate delivered by a prescribed protective facility, a rescue facility, etc., and the caretaker For attendants), please contact Kuroshima Passenger Ship (Yu) 0956-56-2516 for details of the fare etc. regarding the use of the ferry.