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Around the slope of the Apollon location map

In the Sagebo fairy tourist information site "Sea breeze country", Apollon special page of slope is released.
Information on films and original works, information on location tours, sightseeing model courses in the places that took place, and Sasebo gourmet and information on the stage of the hill slope apollon and information on Sasebo sightseeing.
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Movie "Apollon of Slope" Kuroshima Location Location

Sasebo's stage "Apollon of the slope" is released nationwide from 3 month 10 day.
All Kyushu location was carried out and shooting was also done in Kuroshima of Sasebo City.

The church which becomes the key of the story "Kurosima Catholic Church"

The church that Miki had visited before the location of this work and longed for shooting. After elaborate preparation and negotiation shooting permission went down, realization of the position of a wish was realized. When shooting, bring the piano and drum set in the celestial house. In the majestic atmosphere of the church, it became a moving scene suitable for crank up.

Tour of location location

Location location map

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To that impressed place

Going by bus / MR train and ferry"Kuroshima Fun Tour"

  1. Sasebo Station
  2. Kameyama Hachimangu Shrine (Location)
  3. Yawatazaka (location location)
  4. Aibo Port ※ If you want to put a car on a ferry, make an early advance reservation
  5. Kuroshima Welcome House * Bicycle can be reserved
  6. Warabe Observatory
  7. Island ish * Required reservation
  8. Kuroshima Catholic Church (Location location) * required advance notice
  9. Aiko Port

The original Apollon of the slope

Shogakkan cartoon award general category awards · "This manga is amazing! 2009 Onna version" 1 place masterpiece cartoon

Long-term serialization from "2007 Year 11 Month" to "2012 Year 3 Month" at "Monthly Flowers" (Shogakkan). Shogakukan Flower Comics α Total 9 volume + BONUS TRACK1 volume. I gained high acclaim, such as "winning the 1st place in this comic! 2009 Onna version" and receiving the X NUMX times Shogakkan cartoon award general category. 57 Year 2012 In the month Fuji TV late night animation frame "Noitamina", TV animation was made by Shinichiro Watanabe which has "Cowboy Bebop" and "Samurai Champloo" as their masterpiece and gained popularity.

Author introduction

Author Yuki Kodama(From Sasebo)

9 month 26 day Born in Nagasaki prefecture. Debut for 2000 year. In the "Sakamichi no Apollon" serialized at monthly flowers (Shogakkan) in 2007 - 2012 years, received the X NUMX times Shogakkan cartoon award general category. Other works include "Moon Shape Babe". Currently active in the same magazine, starting the series "X Flower of the Blue Flower" from the 57 Month 2018 Month issue.

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