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First time in Kuroshima

First time in Kuroshima

We gathered points such as ferries, transportation facilities, lodging and meals, shopping etc. by Q & A. Those who look to Kuroshima for the first time please refer to us.


Access from Sasebo Station to Aikaura Pier

【Route bus】 Approximately 40 minutes
· Seiho bus timetablePDF (weekdays) PDF (Saturday, Sunday and public holidays
· Sasebo Municipal Transportation BureauPDF (weekdays) PDF (Saturday, Sunday and public holidays

【Matsuura Train】 Approximately 30 minutesMR timetable
【Taxi】 About 22 minutes

※ Schedule of the public transport timetable · The link destination may be changed without notice. Please be careful.

Access from Sasebo StationFerry Kuroshima

【Route】 Ferry Kuroshima (departure from Aikawa Port)
· 50 minutes to ferry to Kuroshi (1 days 3 flights)

Ferry timetableFerry Kuroshima Ferry Price ListFerry Kuroshima

In addition, there is a sign on the Aoi pier for the guidance of the ocean taxi (1 day 4 flight).

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There is no free parking space at the ferry waiting area at Aikaura pier.
There is a chargeable parking lot in the neighborhood, but as there are limited numbers, please come by public transportation.

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Please call Kuroshima passenger boat. Kuroshima passenger vesselTEL:0956-56-2516

Reservation is required for vehicle installation.

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When placing a vehicle etc. on a ferry, we will accept a reservation one month before boarding for reservation.
Reservation place: Kuroshima passenger ship
TEL 0956-56-2516Kuroshima passenger vessel

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Move inside the island

There is no public transportation or taxi company in Kuroshima.
For movement inside the island we are renting electric assisted bicycles at the welcome house.

The overview of the rental cycle is shown below.
Bicycle rentalWelcome House

You can make a reservation for bicycle rental.
Inquiry and reservationBicycle reservation

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Electric assisted bicycle is rented at welcome house.

The overview of the bicycle is on the tourist office page.
Bicycle rentalWelcome House

You can make a reservation for bicycle rental.
Inquiry and reservationBicycle reservation

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Please note that there are only 3 public toilets in the island.
① Around Kuroshima Harbor
It is in the Kuroshima Welcome House and the ferry waiting area.

② Kurosima Catholic Church
It is next to the Kurosima Catholic parking lot.

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Kuro Island celestial temple

“Currently, tours of the church are restricted to ensure the safety of those who wish to visit, due to earthquake resistance and preservation work. Kuroshima Catholic Church is not accepted in advance for visits. ''

1. Unavailable period
2019 year 2 month 4 day (month) to 2021 year end 3 (planned)

2. Reference about construction
Sasebo City Board of Education Cultural Property Division Telephone 0956-25-9634 (Direct)

<About visits during the construction period>
Since the church is a place of prayer, there are cases where you can not visit by a church event or you can not accept a lot of visitors at once, so in case you wish to visit, it is necessary to contact in advance before 2 days.
Please contact [advance notice] at the following site.

Advance contact of the tourChurches in Nagasaki Information Center

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Photography and movie shooting inside the sanctuary are prohibited, permission is required for television shooting etc.
Permission is not required for appearance, commemorative photographing outside the celestial temple.
In that case, please observe privacy and photography manners.

Since the church is a place of prayer, please spend quietly in a solemn atmosphere.
Please visit the site below for the manner of seeing the church.

Manner of church tourChurches in Nagasaki Information Center

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The church is a precious prayer place for all believers, not tourist facilities.
When visiting for the purpose of sightseeing, please keep good manners in the church and keep in mind that each other can feel comfortably.

<What you want to protect this only>

  • The place of the inner team (altar) is a sacred place. Let's never enter.
  • Mass (worship) is a sacred ceremony. Let's stop taking pictures.
  • Eating and drinking in the church and smoking of the cigarette are prohibited.
  • It is also a violation of manners to run around in a loud noise.
    Especially when accompanying children, attendants should be careful to observe.
  • There are various things (Bible, festival goods, decorations, etc.) in the church.
    Let's not touch your hand unnecessarily.
  • Because the church toilet is for the believer, please use the toilet as much as possible except for the church.

For details, please visit the following site. Please read through before you visit.

Manner of church tourChurches in Nagasaki Information Center

Manner of church tour PDF here

<About manners> (From Church group information center in Nagasaki)

Clothing is something fit for sacred places
I am fine with uniforms but within the scope of common sense.
Avoid wearing clothes that exposed extremely to the skin.

The church is normally open as a place of prayer
(There are churches closed administratively)
The door in the center front is mainly at the time of the ritual.
Shoes will go to the shoe box when there is an indication of the sole foot strict prohibition.
Let's take off and quietly enter the hall.

The container with water near the entrance is a "holy basin"
When the believers enter the cathedral they use to cut the cross and cleanse my heart.

Please try sitting in a chair first
Do not eat, drink, smoke, drink alcohol. Let's refrain from talking with loud voice.
Also, let's not touch the bibles and prayer books on the chair and desk because they are private items.

Please feel the solemn atmosphere in the cathedral
The prayers of the people who lived there are soaked in the church.
Let's quietly listen to that voice.

The inner team is the most sacred place
Every morning, the Mass that is the memorial of the Lord's "Last Supper" will be held, which is one step higher than the altar at the back of the church.
No entry other than clergymans is permitted. Please do not enter absolutely.

Photography inside the sanctuary is forbidden
Please leave what you can not picture with the camera on the film of your mind.

Sometimes we will not accept entrance at the time of mass
On Sunday morning in most churches, the Mass is commemorating the Lord's "Last Supper", but depending on the church some people who are not believers may withhold entrance.
However, even if you participate, the Communion conducted in the mass (a ceremony to receive a small white bread) is limited only to the believer, so please stay quietly on the chair.
Also when there is a person praying, let's refrain from entrance when wedding ceremonies, funerals, etc. are taking place.

When you want to thank you
Who wants to dedicate the feeling of gratitude you visited, how about donating to the installed donation box? * All contributions are made use of maintenance and management such as cleaning.

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Travel time from Kuroshima Port to Kuroshima Catholic Church Please refer to the following.
① Move by foot
25 minutes for men
30 minutes for women
② Movement by bicycle
10 minutes for men
15 minutes for women
③ Movement by car (private car or private bike)
About 2-3 minutes

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Information on the inn and inn is located on our site.

About accommodation destinationsRyokan / inn

All accommodation is booked. Please call each facility directly.

Category: 宿 泊

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There is information on meals, cafe in this site.
A direct telephone reservation is required for each facility except the cafe, such as until the morning of 1 days ago.

Meals and cafe informationIsland meal / set menu / snack
Category: Meal

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There is a reservation system meal service that provides meal of main seafood.
In addition, cafes can order coffee and snacks without reservation.
There are regular holidays. Please contact each store.

Dining establishment · cafe information on next pageIsland Shimashi others, restaurant information
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Souvenirs / Shopping

There is a direct selling place and a souvenir corner in the welcome house.
There are many shops and stores in the island.
Souvenirs / ShoppingAccess to each shop

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For a bit of shopping such as drinks and breads, please visit a personal shop or store.
We sell vending machines to the ferry waiting area at Kuroshima Port and coffee items at the welcome house.
Please also use it for the time of waiting for ferry.
Food and daily necessities storeAccess to each shop

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Communication information

Free-Wi-Fi is installed in the welcome house.
Mobile phone communication is possible throughout the whole area.
For broadband, communication by 3.5 generation mobile phone is possible.

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