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Kuro Island Tourism Association

The purposes of the corporation establishment and its activities

This corporation was established for the purposes of creating tourism-related jobs, attracting tourists by information transmission, improving tourists’ satisfaction, promoting the internal and external human exchanges, inheriting Kuroshima’s history and culture, preserving the natural environment, improving people’s lives, promoting the island’s economy, preventing population decline and improving the welfare services for the residents.

Organization name

  1. Corporation Name: NPO Kuroshima Tourism Association
  2. Chief Director: Yamauchi Kazunari
  3. Vice Chief Director: Sueyoshi Junko
  4. Director: Omura Masayoshi
  5. Director: Sueyoshi Kazumi
  6. Director: Makino Shigemi
  7. Director: Makiyama Yuriko
  8. Director: Masunaga Kenichiro
  9. Director: Momota Yukio
  10. Director: Mitsumasa Oka
  11. Auditor: Omura Yasushi
  12. Auditor: Fujimura Kazuaki


Phone: 0956-56-2311


〒857-3271 8-4 Kurosima cho, Sasebo City Nagasaki prefecture


  1. Established: Oct 10, 2014
  2. Approved: Dec 25, 2014


  1. Initial General Meeting: Oct 10, 2014
  2. Workshop: Dec 26, 2014