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Terms of Use

About Experience Tours

Thing about the experience guide
・All participation fees include taxes.
・We accept your payment on the day of your tour.
・We only accept Japanese yen.
・We don’t accept credit cards.

About Cruising Boats
・We use a fishing boat registered with the Kuroshima Tourism Association.
・You may share the same boat with other participants.

Cancellation Policy
・In case of cancellation, call the Kuroshima Tourism Association.
・All cancellation requests must be received on the phone. Phone: 0956-56-2765 Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (We are closed during the Year-end and New Year holidays)
・No payment is required when a cancellation request is made by 5:00 p.m. two days before.
・50% payment is required when a cancellation request is made between 5:00 p.m. two days before and 5:00 p.m. the previous day.
・Full payment is required when a cancellation request is made after 5:00 p.m. the previous day or no show.

For pick-up location
· Kuroshima harbor ofKuroshima in the Welcome House, Tourist Information CenterThank you as you wait in.
For move or pick up location and experience guide in, we need your help to explain the location of the charge.

Dos and Don’ts in Tours
・The tours are conducted by the Kuroshima Tourism Association and its registered members.
・Our motto is Safety First.
・When troubles occur due to the Kuroshima Tourism Association or tour guides’ mishandling, the Kuroshima Tourism Association will make efforts to help you settle the problem including refunding.
・When schedule changes occur due to participant’s own reason, the Kuroshima Tourism Association has no responsibility to compensate the fee.
・When schedule or price changes occur due to other tourist-related services’ judgements, the Kuroshima Tourism Association won’t bear the responsibility.
・Confirm the meeting time and meeting place. When we have other participants, we can’t wait for you.
・Full payment is required when you can’t participate in a tour due to your own reason.
about Kuroshima church
Manners when visiting the church
· Kuroshima Cathedral tour is sure toAdvance noticeIs required.
・Please observe the following manners.
・Non Catholics are not allowed to enter the church when a mass, a funeral or a wedding is held.
◎ Please observe the following rules.
・Ordinary clothes are acceptable, but extremely short skirts or sleeveless tops are not suitable for the church.
(Reference site for masses and events:Churches Information Center Kuroshima of the village of Nagasaki
And central front of the door is mainly at the time of the ceremony.
・Please take off your shoes, hats and caps. Put your shoes in the shoe case.
・There are basins full of holy water at the entrance. When believers enter the church, they wet their fingers with the holy water and make the sign of the cross.
・The chancel (the altar and the area around it) is a holy place. Please do not enter it under any circumstances.
・No pictures and no videos inside the church.
・The mass is a sacred ceremony. Please refrain from taking photos.
・No eating, no drinking, no smoking in the church. When kids are with you, please have them behave themselves.
・Talking in a loud voice and running around in the church are in breach of manners.
・The church contains various ceremonial and decorative objects. And some belong to individual believers. So, please do not touch them
・Visitors are not allowed to enter the choir stalls for safety reasons.
· Since the toilet of the church is for the believer, please use the rest room other than the church as much as possible.
・If you would like to show your appreciation, how about donating some into the offertory box ?

[For Advance Contact] Please read the manners and terms of use at the time of visiting the church in the Kurosima Catholic Church's "Nagasaki Church Information Center" and use the advance notice on the site.
Pre-contact system of the church tourManor at the time of the church tour Terms of Use ※ External links will open in a separate window.

With respect to guidance
・The Kuroshima Tourism Association doesn’t provide reservation services for lodging, meals, shopping, ferry tickets and transportation. We just provide information on tours on Kuroshima.
・The Kuroshima Tourism Association doesn’t mediate in troubles and compensate damages caused during tours, but may make an effort to help you settle problems.
・The Kuroshima Tourism Association may update this policy. We will notify you about significant changes by placing a prominent notice on our site.