Kuroshima cuisine is a set of farm-fresh vegetables, Kuroshima-grown fresh seafood, and Kuroshima tofu. The tofu is made from locally grown soybeans and sea water.
Indispensable to the celebration of Kuroshima there is a set menu of island tofu made from seawater and soybean Kuroshima.
These dishes are not only pleasing to your palate but also to your eyes.

Enjoy fresh seafood & vegetables in Kuroshima style.

Kuroshima Cuisine

005Kuroshima Cuisine(An example)

Sashimi of Abalone or Seasonal Fish
Seasonal Fish (Grilled or Shoyu Simmered or Salt Simmered)
Kuroshima Tofu
Simmered Vegetables
Miso Soup
Kikuya Inn Yamashita Inn Guesthouse Tsurusaki
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※ A booking is needed by noon of the previous day. The ingredients of Kuroshima cuisine are subject to change depending on season and availability. These photos are for illustrative purposes.

Café & Restaurant

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Cafe UmiSaki (Misaki) Seafood Restaurant Sazanka
Tianshui in accordance with roasted blend the special tea coffee and pasta and pizza of Kuroshima, is the cafe, which is also light meals such as sweet. Shochu Kuroshima is in the store, also sells such as the original goods. Owned by a fisherman, Sazanka is a seafood restaurant which can serve the freshest fish dishes at reasonable prices. We also use only locally grown vegetables. The dishes are a little different from typical Kuroshima cuisine, but we strongly recommend our Mom’s home-cooking style sashimi set.
10: 30 ~ 16: 00, Closed:Irregularly Reservations required, Closed: Irregularly
Yubinbango857-3271 Sasebo Kuroshima-cho, 4160-9
Yubinbango857-3271 Sasebo Kuroshima cho 144
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