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It is a set of island tofu made with Kuroshima's seafood and vegetables and traditional recipes

Freshly brewed island ingredients

Island reservation destination

005Kuroshima Cuisine(An example)

Abalone and fish sashimi (depends on purchase for the day)
Baked fish, boiled fish, salt cooked either (depending on purchase for the day)
Kuroshima Tofu
Simmered vegetables / small bowl / miso soup / rice
Kikuya Inn HP Yamashita Inn HP Guesthouse Tsurusaki HP

※ A booking is needed by noon of the previous day. The ingredients of Kuroshima cuisine are subject to change depending on season and availability. These photos are for illustrative purposes.

Café & Restaurant

Cafe sea saki Szaka
Cafe UmiSaki (Misaki) HP Seafood Restaurant Sazanka
It is the only cafe on the island with special tea coffee roasted and blended according to Kuroshima rainfall and pasta and pizza, snacks such as sweetness. In shop Kuroshima shochu, original goods etc are also on sale. It is a shop where you can get fresh fish unique to the fisherman's shop at reasonable prices. Although it is different from islands, you can have mother-set fresh sashimi set meal. Reservations up to the previous day are necessary.
10: 30 ~ 16: 00, Closed:Irregularly Reservations required, Closed: Irregularly
Yubinbango857-3271 Sasebo Kuroshima-cho, 4160-9
Yubinbango857-3271 Sasebo Kuroshima cho 144