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Kuroshima Tourist Spots

Introduce the tourist attractions General of Kuroshima around the attractions to go to even watch a guided island walk.

Points of Interest Tour

  • Kuroshima Shrine, located in the port area, is surrounded by a primeval forest and famous for its Okunchi festival in fall.
  • Kozenji Buddhist Temple is a branch temple of Chosenji Temple in Tsuyoshi of Hirado. Kuroshima’s hidden Christians kept their faith by pretending as Buddhist believers.
  • he Kushinohana dikes were formed by the solidification of molten magma during a deformation of the Earth’s crust 8 million years ago. Find the heart-shaped rock.
  • Kuroshima Catholic church was completed in 1902 with believers’ volunteer labor services and donations. The Angelus church bell which was donated by a French family is still in use.
  • The 100m-high cliffs are breathtaking. The refreshing scenery may make you feel like shouting out.
  • After lifting the ban on Christianity, Catholics came to be buried in the Catholic cemetery. Father Marman who led the construction of Kuroshima church has been also sleeping here.
  • Though many sea fig trees were planted for protection against the wind, the giant one in the Neya area is most famous.
  • The sazanqua camellia tree in Mr. Hashimoto’s residence in Neya is one of the biggest ones in the northern Nagasaki prefecture.