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Kuroshima Island Experience

Interacting with the people of the island of prayers, relax once in a while in a beautiful nature full of greenery and flowers.
We have some plans for you to experience the island’s unique nature and culture.
Kuroshima has been designated as one of the Sasebo City Sea Sound Healthy Walking Courses.

Kuroshima Experience Plans


Steamed Sweet Dumpling Making Experience
Kuroshima’s traditional foods making with grandmas and grandpas. An experience of making steamed sweet dumplings indispensable for auspicious occasions. Tasting and a souvenir are included. Steamed Sweet Dumpling Making ExperienceRead More
Kuroshima Tofu Making Experience Tour
An experience of making Kuroshima tofu which uses sea water instead of bittern to coagulate. You can taste freshly-made tofu. Kuroshima Tofu Making Experience TourRead More

Guided Walking tourism
A walking tour with a local guide. Visiting Kuroshima’s scenic spots on foot! Kuroshima’s Scenic Spots Visitng ExperienceRead More

Fishing Boat Cruising
A Cruising around the island. You can enjoy the island landscape from a fishing boat. Fishing Boat Cruising ExperienceRead More