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Steamed Sweet Dumpling Making Experience

The people in Kuroshima have a tradition to make steamed dumplings stuffed with sweetened bean paste on auspicious occasions.
Nowadays, they are made only on celebration days, but also for parties and other various events.
The flour to the dough fermented fresh yeast, you steamed plump and placed on a leaf of Satsuma Sankirai rounded put the red bean sauce.
It is a simple material in the rustic taste, but eat and taste to another and the hand is extended one.
It is a home-made snack whose recipe has been handed down from a mother to a daughter and from a mother-in-law to a daughter-in-law.

Rustic sweet Umashi. The secret tradition of pains.

What you can experience in this tour

You can actually make manju by yourself.
Starting with kneading wheat flour and ending with steaming them with a firewood furnace.
You can taste and take 2 pieces home.


Cost 2,000Yen / person (tax included)
Other (Transportation expenses, meals expenses and lodging expenses are not included)
Required Time About 3 hours
Capacity 5 to 20 persons
Deadline 7 days before your tour
weather Canceled only in case of heavy rain
Meeting & Break-up Place Kuroshima Welcome House. (A Break-up place can be flexible according to your schedule) Kuroshima Welcome House. (A Break-up place can be flexible according to your schedule)
Supplemental Meeting place and experience of flow, after signing up for the number of people for the price, etc., I will explain it again from the Kuroshima tourism association.

How to book?

007Call the Kuroshima Tourism Association or use the attached e-mail form.
Our staff will contact you later for confirmation.
We don’t accept during the Year-end and New Year holidays.

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Please feel free to ask the Kuroshima Tourism Association for meals, lodgings and other optional plans.
(For the convenience of ※ time, there is also experience that can not be combined.)