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Guide Island walk

Guided Kuroshima Walking Tour

Discovering by walking, the charm of "Kuroshima".
Expert guides will introduce you to a different outlook on the island, its history and its attractions.
Kuroshima church is included in a candidate for World Heritage, ‘Churches and Christian Sites In Nagasaki’. The goal is to be registered as a world heritage site in order to share this valuable property with the entire world and pass it down to future generations.
Along with the island of the guide's you around the attractions of Kuroshima in walking.
1 date course, there is a half-day course.
Please contact us to feel free to Kuroshima tourism association.

Island walk model course

1 Day Course
Kuroshima Port – Kuroshima Shrine – Kappa Monument – Kozenji Temple – Warabi Observatory – Catholic Cemetery – Kuroshima Church – Kuroshima Port
* Time of the lunch will enter.
Half Day Course
Kuroshima Port – Kuroshima Shrine – Kuroshima Church – Kuroshima Port

The courses are subject to change depending on the situation. A guide will give you detailed information before your departure.

Fully enjoy a sea breeze and a therapeutic walking

018You are welcomed by seagulls at the port. The blue ocean and the blue sky.
A magnificent blend of mountains and coastal views is waiting for you.

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Duration One-day Course: about 3 hours 30 minutes (including lunch & breaks)
Half-day Course: about 1 hour 20 minutes
Capacity from 1 person
Cost The participation cost for each course is subject to change depending on the number of participants.

Please contact us for more information by phone, or e-mail inquiry form to Kuroshima tourism association.
Other Transportation expenses to and from Kuroshima, meals and lodging expenses are not included.
Deadline 7 days before your tour
weather Canceled only in case of heavy rain
Meeting & Break-up Place Kuroshima Welcome House. (A Break-up place can be flexible according to your schedule) Kuroshima Welcome House. (A Break-up place can be flexible according to your schedule)
Supplemental Meeting place and experience of flow, after signing up for the number of people for the price, etc., I will explain it again from the Kuroshima tourism association.

How to book?

Call the Kuroshima Tourism Association or use the attached e-mail form.
Our staff will contact you later for confirmation.
We don’t accept during the Year-end and New Year holidays.

TEL:0956-56-23119: 00 ~ 17: 00 To Inquiry FormMail

Please feel free to ask the Kuroshima Tourism Association for meals, lodgings and other optional plans.
(For the convenience of ※ time, there is also experience that can not be combined.)